Let's do this.

Remember when making theatre was fun? When it was an adventure alongside your best mates, and nothing couldn't be solved by with some quick-and-dirty double-casting, a trip to Goodwill, and beer? But then the "real world" crept in, and now you're hustling for grants, biting your tongue in committees, and wrestling with MailChimp. What happened?

Stop administrating. Start making again.

You are the Artistic Director

Artistic careers rarely happen in unbroken lines, and sometimes great directors, playwrights, and performers find themselves stymied by the hustle. We get it. The Peanut Butter Factory is the ideal solution for independant theatre artists, career-transition artists, or established artists seeking to experiment outside their usual body of work. Through a meticulously-defined co-producing partnership, The Peanut Butter Factory takes care of the administrative gunk and stays out of the rehearsal room, allowing theatre artists to focus on what they do best: them.

The Shows

Case Studies

Allegra J Lingo

Allegra J Lingo had become a household name to Minnesota Fringe audiences for her casual-yet-powerful personal storytelling, minimal stage aesthetic, and rockin' blue hoodie. After nearly a decade of self-producing, Allegra decided to call it quits...but then life handed her one last whopper of a tale. She decided to partner with The Peanut Butter Factory to co-produce The Genealogy of Happenstance for the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival in order to focus exclusively on her writing. Good call: The Genealogy of Happenstance was one of the highest-attended shows of the festival and was solicited by The Guthrie Theater to be remounted in the Dowling Studio one year later. Today, Allegra is a full-time writer, storyteller, and mother with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction from Hamline University.

Natalie Novacek

After working as a freelance director throughout the Twin Cities for several years, Natalie felt stalled as a director. She needed an outlet to tell the stories she was most passionate about and desired more artistic independence. Natalie decided to partner with The Peanut Butter Factory to co-produce Oh, the Humanity and other good intentions in 2011 and Gruesome Playground Injuries in 2012, which she later remounted with the same cast and production team as the inaugural production of her own theatre company: Loudmouth Collective. Today, Natalie is still Producing Artistic Director of Loudmouth Collective and has a Master of Fine Arts in Directing from University of Texas at Austin.