Gruesome Playground Injuries

Written by Rajiv Joseph
Directed by Natalie Novacek

March 23-April 1, 2012
at Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

“...challenging, lovely work deserving of [your] time and money.”

-Mo Perry, METRO Magazine

About the show

Kayleen and Doug go way back. They met in the nurse’s office of St. Margaret Mary’s, but kids grow up so fast these days. From throwing up at the school dance at thirteen, to shooting an eye out with a firework at twenty-three, to a psychotic break at thirty-three, they’ve always been there for one another.

Gruesome Playground Injuries is a modern-day love story by Rajiv Joseph, United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow and Pulitzer Prize finalist, about the near-misses that pull us apart and the pain that keeps us together.

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  • Leigha Horton
  • Adam Whisner
    Lighting Designer
  • Daniel Ellis
    Make-up Designer
  • Betsy Jorgensen
    Costume Designer
  • Kiley Cermak
    Sound Designer
  • Stuart Gates
    Production Assistant
  • Jennifer Walker
    Production Manager
  • Christian Carter
    Stage Manager
  • Tamara Titsworth
  • Natalie Novacek